There are beautiful stories all around us, and I take immense joy in capturing those cherished moments, those in-between breaths of life.

I trust the story of every day and the meaning that exists in every waking moment. I trust the story that exists. These moments are brief, but should be held forever.

Think back on an event that meant something in your life. Whether it was tragic, full of joy or somewhere in-between, it played an integral part in your story.

Those defining moments in our lives are often a series of images in motion. A single frame in our memory can contain incredible intimacy, joy, fear, love, anxiousness, or the ‘indescribable’ we often experience.

If those defining moments in your life were captured by a photographer, would they capture you looking right into a camera, wondering what to do with your hands?

If those memories involve you and someone else, would you both be looking at a camera, wondering if the other is smiling or making a serious face?

These defining moments aren’t planned. They aren’t staged. They are real. Honest. Raw. Not always perfect. They have motion. Movement. They are part of a MUCH bigger story. Just like your wedding day.

No one wants hours of staged wedding photos. Well, if you do, I’m not your guy. I’m not going to make you do the resting-my-head-on-my-folded-arms thing, or make your bridal party simultaneously jump.

I believe in photos that truly matter, photos that can change lives, and photos that last generations.

I would love to work for you in any way that I can.

For these are stories I have to tell.

For me, weddings aren’t solely about dates, locations, table settings, or cakes… It’s about an incredible story between two people who are committing their lives to one another. It is the story of two families coming together, in all the blessings and and all the pain that have been present on their journey. There are a lot of wedding photographers out there, some doing it purely for income. I’m not. I want to know the nitty gritty stuff. What makes you who you are, what are you passionate about, what brought you together, why you chose and continue to choose love.

Something you should know off the bat, my approach to wedding photography is very different than what is typical in the industry. I’m sure you’ve already seen some of the gimmicks while planning the day. I am all about relationships and the ‘things’ that stir within us. People will be comfortable around me. They’ll feel calm. I won’t have to tell them what to do, where to look, what to do with their hands.

You won’t find me running around telling people what to do, hauling flashes and umbrellas from room to room, setting up shots I’m good and familiar with. I try and walk in with a sense of naivety and genuine curiosity. I capture the events as they happen. These events all have rules in some way, they can be incredibly orchestrated. But every wedding is completely different. You won’t see me fabricating moments for my own good, telling the bridal party to jump together, or hear me tell dad to hug his daughter before walking her down the aisle. He probably will anyway and if he does, I will capture that moment, because that is the moment that matters.

Planning an event of this nature can be headache inducing at times. After 200+ weddings, I have encountered almost every obstacle imaginable. I would love to help you in planning a wedding that is as stress free as possible – perfectly YOU – with plenty of time for loved ones, equal parts slowed-down and carefree, intense fun.

I offer all day coverage because the most memorable moments are usually unexpected. My goal is to tell the complete story. The most meaningful photos I’ve taken aren’t photos of a cake, table decorations, or the invitation you already sent out – they are photos of the in-between. The unscripted. The moments not on the itinerary. They are those small, breath-of-life moments few see.